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Animal Kaiser Evolution Version 5

Written by 2pm

Posted on 27 May 2015

Animal Kaiser Evolution 5 is launch on 20 Sep 2012.


Welcome the "Villain Beasts Series".


The wanted Villain with a nice bounty. Catch 'Straight', 'Spade', 'Ace', 'Joker'


New Boss Animal [Brutus], older brother of Master Blue. How powerful is he ?


Add these Ultra Rare card [Brutus][Mecha Lion-Elite] into your collection now. ^_^


Meet the new animals and woohoo Gold-Rare miracle cards to be collect.


Animal Kaiser Evo 5 card list

Animal Card : 44

Strong Card : 20

Miracle Card : 18

Total : 82 cards

[Download Animal Kaiser Evo 5 card list]




Original Animal Kaiser Japanese Version 12 Description :








In the 12th Animal Kaiser War Beasts are also silently crying child! ? Corps "jailbreak animal" is

I'm going to war!

Brother of the master blue, this time as "cobalt" led an army jailbreak further animal

Animal of the boss before the bullet

appeared two machine "Lion-HGX" has become a rare ultimate! Keep your eyes I increasingly from Animal Kaiser! !


Finally for the first time, Bandai Namco included this "Super Rare Card Campaign" to reward players. Check out the how to exchange the Super Rare Card Pack > http://animalkaisersingapore.blogspot.sg/2012/09/super-rare-card-campaign.html